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About GroupHousing

About GroupHousing

Founded in 2008, GroupHousing is backed by more than three decades of experience in the sports and convention tourism industry. Today, the company has grown to serve a myriad of corporate, non-profit, and amateur and professional athletic organizations, including 10 of the industry's largest amateur sporting events and associations.

Since its inception, GroupHousing has experienced ZERO client turnover. The reason? We have an unwavering commitment to satisfaction at every junction in our client engagements - from the hotels and clients we work with, to the attendees we serve.

Each of our team members has deep experience in the sports and convention tourism industry, and knows what it takes to produce a successful event. We understand all facets of sports and convention hospitality, including the infrastructure that must be in place to create a unique, world-class experience for your specific organization, as well as the careful contractual negotiations that must occur with our hotel partners.

As such, we make the following commitments to each of our clients:
  1. To deliver outstanding and professional customer service towards attendees, facilities and hotels
  2. To make hotel booking easy - both from an attendee and event management perspective
  3. To be a partner that functions as an extension of our client's team
  4. To negotiate the lowest hotel rates for attendees
  5. To reduce event costs by maximizing the benefits of group bookings, including comp rooms, rebate and other high-value hotel concessions
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